I met Martin about 4 years ago through Instagram and then we would randomly bump into each other at the gym or in Harlem where we both use to live.
I started following his page mainly because I love his style. The vintage mixed with high end and the creative ways to show more skin. I spent a morning with him in his Chelsea apt to catch up with him before fashion week gets into full swing. As I walk into the dimly lit apt I’m greeted with the usual Martin charm yet he’s half awake. The room is filled with the scent of a spilled bottle of Bleu De Chanel. He slips out of bed to figure out his look of the day…

Interview with Martin  Gregory:
Sky- What are the usual first impressions you think people have of you just from IG?…
Versus when they actually meet you in real life.

Martin– Everyone thinks I will be a big bitch because of my stern look, but I am a total goofball.
I’m always laughing and I do not take myself that seriously at all.

Sky I’m guilty of thinking that about you too but you totally proved me wrong, your sweet.
I feel like we both get 
handed the ethnically ambiguous card often.
What is your background?
(Interview continued below)

Sky guilty of that too… What is your background?

–  Ha! Well my parents are both from the Dominican Republic. They were raised in the capital, Santo Domingo, and both moved to NYC to attend universities here. My father went to Queens College for engineering and my mother went to Parsons for fashion design.

S So your gearing up for Fashion week. What are some things you’re looking forward to? and anything you’re not?

M– Definitely looking forward to our new faces killing it this NYFW… we have such a great group of girls. Also looking forward to styling some of our top talent to the fashion events this week. Not looking forward to working on the weekends (sad face).

S- zodiac sign?

M– I’m a Sagittarius

S- how old are you, where did you grow up? how long have you been in NYC?

M– I’m 27 years old. I was born in Queens, New York and moved to northern New Jersey when I was 5 years old. I would spend my summer in the projects in the Bronx with my cousins or back in Woodside, Queens with my grandparents. My parents worked non-stop to provide us with a proper private school upbringing so the summers really helped me build up my street smarts. I started going out in NYC when I was 16, when it was easier to get into clubs without scannable IDs and all that bullshit. My best friend and I were snuck into Misshapes club – that was our first experience. After that it was easy, friends with the DJ? You’re in.

S- I remember the Misshapes club, I can only imagine what you were like in a private school, what was that like? Cruel intentions meets Mean Girls? 

M- In high school I was the punk/hardcore/blatant homosexual in a catholic school setting type of kid. I had a group of beautiful girlfriends who hated everyone else… but we were still somehow ‘popular’ I guess. They were my safety net. Invited to all the cool parties.. the cheerleaders loved me. The football players despised me. I didn’t really have it that bad in HS. I was senior class president, in the National Honor Society, and was pretty well liked by most of the faculty. I was a smart kid, but I was still bad as hell…

S-  I remember you use to work at Wilhelmina and now your at Elite. For those who don’t  know… What do you do exactly?

M- I like to call myself a model publicist. I’m not really a booker and nor do I have any interest in the money game. I style the girls, I take them out, make sure they are photographed and that they meet the right people. Also get them interviews with the right magazines.

S- That saying “You aren’t what you do.”…. if you weren’t at Elite, would you still be in fashion? Did you go to school for something else?

M– I have my BBA in Business Administration and Marketing from the School of Management at Boston University. I was the creative director of the Fashion & Retail Association at BU… I’ve been obsessed with fashion since high school but never knew how to mix fashion and business. I tried Fashion PR right out of college and I hated it – it wasn’t until I met a photographer agent that I knew model agents existed and it was a thing you could get into. So I had a couple of interviews with Wilhelmina and I began there as an assistant to the Vice President.

S You and your bf look cute together on your recent vacay. I like how open you are with your love life. How long have you been together?

M– We have been together for 9 years. We grew up in the same town in New Jersey. He’s my rock. He’s a nerdy engineer that thinks the fashion world is pretty crazy. He brings my feet back down to earth when I freak out about an event or a dress, or a model.

S- #goals

M– I want to run my own PR agency one day focusing solely on model PR.

S- who are some of your style influences? or someone that inspires you?

M– I was obsessed and will always be infatuated with the style of Francesco Cominelli. He knew how to mix and match styles but still look clean and refreshing. It was sad his life was cut so short, he was so talented and respected in the fashion world.

S- omg I loved Francesco too. It was sad to loose such talent. Every look so effortless and they way he would pair things. I can only dream of what his Instagram feed would look like… so chic.

S- you def have a fashion following… do you consider yourself an influencer? Do you want to be?

M– It always bring a big smile to my face when I receive a message from someone saying that I made them more comfortable to wear this or that… to have the power to make someone feel more comfortable with themselves to wear something different is something I am proud of. I just want to show people it’s OK to be themselves

S- whats playing on repeat on your Spotify right now?

M- Runway stomping music: Yaeji – Guap ,  and Metronomy – Night Owl (Tom Demac Remix)

S- Whats in your “fashion week” gym bag…

M– I don’t go to the gym during fashion week. My diet consists of Chinese food, pizza, burritos, and alcohol.

S in three words describe your style:

M– Clean-cut, American Psycho, goth

S Snapchat or Insta-stories?

M– Used to be snapchat but I’m kinda lazy so Instagram stories it is

S– finish this sentence “I’m a _______ beau…”

Martin- I’m a goth beau

Photography: Sky Vargas
Fashion : Hat- Vintage, Army pants- Maison Martin Margiela,
Grey Suit- H&M, Tank top- Vintage, Denim- Custom Lee Jeans,
Palm shirt- Hutspah (vintage). Jewelry – models own.

March 25, 2020 — Seth Foss