On set with Cool America team again. This time photographing up and coming model Matt Lenhart.
The inspiration behind this shoot with simple, just to see a nyc boy getting ready. Catching him right after his work out
and documenting his outfit changes from one go see to the next. I took some time to get to know this beau
during his grooming. His interview is at the end.

Interview with Matt Lenhart:

Sky: What was your first job?…and I don’t mean modeling.

Matt: My first job was in Plant City, FL at the YMCA as a fitness attendant.
I worked there for 4 years and eventually became sports supervisor and
was in charge of all the kids and adult league sports!

S: So I’m sure you get this question very often,
but what is the significance of the beautiful tatted tree you have?

M: Yes, I do and I enjoy talking about it! I’m a huge fan of John Lennon and the
message he had for the world, the tree is a tribute to his song ‘Imagine.’ I initially
wanted to have the branches make up the lyrics of the song but that would have
had to be a much larger tattoo and at 19 you can say I wussed out haha.

S: Do you plan on getting more tattoos?

M: I love tattoos and would love to be tattooed from head to toe. For my current job

as a model I am holding off for a bit but there are definitely more tattoos in my future.

S: Where did you grow up?

M: I grew up in Plant City, FL. Which is a small town really close to Tampa. You may
have heard of it as it is the home of the strawberry festival (and a really good Cuban
sandwich restaurant I miss dearly called Strawberry Hut).

S: In high school you were : prom king, band geek, burn out, or quarterback?

M: I don’t think I would put myself in any of the generic categories. I was friends
with all the different ‘clicks’ as they’re called but also kept to myself a lot (loner?).
Haha I was focused on school and a bit straight edged.

S: Were you scouted or did you actively seek agencies?

and how long have you been modeling?

M: I was working at a restaurant in Tampa and one of my coworkers was an intern
at a local modeling agency (Benz Models and Talent). He always asked me to walk into
the office and see what they thought of my look. After enough pestering (thanks Luis!)
I finally walked in and started getting work almost right away. I did local stuff in Tampa
for a little over a year and once I graduated college I moved to NYC. I actually initially met
Jordan @ MSA on Instagram. He requested that I come in when I get up to the city.
My second day in NY and I was at a department store returning some stuff and as luck
would have it I ran into Jordan and signed with MSA.

Modeling for about a year and a half, just 3 months in NYC!

S: Whats one fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

M: I love animals and cats in particular (crazy cat dude).
I love how you have to earn the respect of a cat and how much
love they return to you when you get on a level of mutual respect.
PS my dream job as a child was a tiger trainer!

S: Who is someone you look up to … that inspires you?

M: As I mentioned before when talking about the tattoo, John Lennon has
been a figure I’ve respected and looked up to my entire life. His views on life,
love and living every day like you never get it back has been a huge inspiration
for me and how I live my own life.

S: If you had to name one of your signature looks like Zoolander
and his “Blue Steel”, what would you call yours?

M: For some reason I like to bring my hand up to my mouth in a fist type pose haha
I would say that’s my “go-to” but I realize this now need to find some new ones!

S: My first impression of you was classic Abercrombie, but is their a brand that you
would love to be in a campaign for?

M: That is very kind Abercrombie of course would be an amazing campaign! As a model
a dream campaign would of course be Calvin Klein (#mycalivins) but I’m also a huge
fan of Moschino and the more unique campaigns.

S: I noticed that you use to have longer hair,
was the haircut a personal choice or an industry suggestion…

M: I had long hair from about 10th grade on. It was more something I was comfortable
with, along with being too lazy for haircuts lol. I was doing a hair show in Orlando at the
beginning of the year (2016) and the stylist cut a lot off and I like it.
My mother agent thought it was a better look and I agree!

S: Would you shave your head for a job?

M: Yes I would, of course it would have to be a guaranteed booking and something
that Jordan and MSA would feel comfortable promoting me without hair.

S: Skin care: what are products you use?

M: I don’t use a whole lot. I use Kiehls facial sunscreen every day along with
some serum and moisturizer. Being raised in Florida I got into the habit
early on to apply sunscreen and I’m glad I did.

S: Gym Life: where do you go ? and whats your workouts consist of?
what portien powder or pre-workout do you recommend?

M: I go to Planet Fitness, usually twice a day. At least an hour a day
of HIIT cardio training on the treadmill or stationary bike. I alternate
chest/arms daily and every day is Ab day! I don’t use a standard preworkout,
just caffeine if I’m feeling lethargic. Post workout I take Dynatize ISO-100
chocolate protein powder in a smoothie with creatine, bananas & blueberries.

S: You are constantly being styled in clothes, but outside of photoshoots
how would you describe your own style?

M: I’m a joggers and T-shirt kind of guy. Whatever’s easy
and comfortable without looking too hoboish lol.

S: Your agency calls you to go on a full day of go-sees, what do you put in your gym bag?

M: Extra black t-shirts, extra pair of jeans and a full bottle of water (or two).

S: Hypothetically lets say you never got signed by MSA. What do you think
you would be doing? Or more importantly what would you like to do?

M: I have a business degree from USF-Tampa and I figure I would be in the business
world somewhere! I really enjoy animals and my dream is to open a tiger sanctuary
dedicated to the care and awareness outreach for species preservation.

S: your favorite instagram filter…

M: I don’t use many filters at all because of most of my photos being professionally done,
I know how much photographers hate filters over their already retouched images haha.
I do tend to gravitate towards black and white filters though!

S: yes … filters over their work, something to always avoid,
I can understand that. Matt Lenhart in two hashtags …

M: #FreeLoveBro #COYS

S: Finish this sentence: I am a __beau.

M: I’m a Love Life Beau.

March 25, 2020 — Seth Foss