A few years ago when I use to art direct for Maybelline NY. A team of us were researching makeup artists that had a current modern edge to them to refresh the brand. I immediately remembered seeing Michael’s editorial work. The layers of his work remind me of graphic design but on your face, mixing textures, logos and stickers. I found him not only to be super creative but just overall interesting.The latin word for magic is on his hand… A dark tatted-up artist that could transform a face to high fashion to pop art. His client list includes Katy Perry, Brooke Candy and Tinashe, just to list a few. I had left Maybelline a while ago but kept the idea of photographing him for the Beau. I reached out to him this spring and he was into the butterfly concept I had planned for him. Below is my interview and shoot with @manthony

Sky- What is your definition of beauty?

Michael- I would have to say confidence and individuality. When you can tell someone takes care of themselves. Definitely a flair of personality is also beautiful.

S- What makes your heart melt?

M- Innocence, pureness, a strong chin, tattoos, a great smile. Oh and baby animals, I love baby animals.

S- tell us about your first kiss.

M- My very first kiss?! OMG… it was with my weed dealer, in California. I was 17 and he was 28. His name was Anthony. We met for the first time at a Michael’s art and crafts store where he use to work at. I guess you could say a mini romance began with us. He knew I loved sparkly things. So he would always leave me Lisa Frank stickers in my mailbox so I knew he stopped by my place to see me. Back then and probably still now, it wouldn’t be right to have a 28 year old man knocking on my families door looking for their 17 yr old son.

He was a hot bad boy. I’d always see him with bloody knuckles he had a troubled family past. I remember kissing him because he tasted just like pickles. Normally that’s something that would gross me out but I liked it because it was authentically him. Plus he loved eating pickles, it was cute.

S-Many of your tattoos are winged creatures, whats your connection to them?

M- I use to have flying dreams as a kid. I always wanted to fly away, as an army brat I moved around a lot, so flying everywhere and starting fresh at a new place is something I looked forward to doing. Birds and butterflies  to me represent escapism. It’s like that Forrest Gump Line: “Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. Far far away from here.”

S- what was one of the first jobs that you found most memorable.

M- one of the most memorable jobs I’ve had wasn’t actually a celebrity gig. It was one I got through Craigslist. I was introduced to this extravagant sub culture. I use to do makeup for this 50 yr old man to take his wife out to dinner. They would go lavish events and dinner parties. I found the job to be cool because It was important to him that he was around someone that made him feel comfortable and not judged. I was able to provide that to him. Finding work was different back then but it just reminds me of this saying I have: You can always hustle to find something that makes sense for your world.

S- Your a pro make up artist, do you use any make up products on  yourself? is there something you see guys doing with make up that you don’t like?

M- Honestly I feel like it’s whatever make you feel comfortable and makes you feel confident when you walk out your door. Its hard for many of us to feel confident so if some make up changes that for you I embrace that. The only draw back sometimes to that is if you notice someones makeup before you see them, it can negatively distracting.

S- Did you always want to be a makeup artist? if you weren’t one what would do you think you would be doing?

M- Something with baby animals,  animal rehabilitation center.

S-Michael Anthony in three hashtags :

#comeforthetwist = they  always want something different, give them a twist thats what they like .

S- Finish this sentence: I am a _________ beau.

M- I am a blessed beau.

March 26, 2020 — Seth Foss