I was introduced to Giuseppe by my friend Luis. We started chatting after he wrapped his shoot.
Sometimes I like to know more about the guys seen in my shirts. Below is a mini  beau interview…

Sky- Do you have a nickname?
G- sometimes my friends call  me Peppe, giù, giusy

Sky- So I know from your name and accent your from Italy, what part did you grow up in? When did you move to the US?

Giuseppe: I’m from the south , Calabria. I moved to Los Angeles almost 3 years ago but I go back and forth to Italy a lot.

S- When did you know you wanted to be a dancer?
G- Well I started dancing when I was 8. I got serious about it I was 17 and decided to study hip hop &  Jazz while I was in Calabria.

S- 17…that must be while ago… the facial hair throws me off but how old are you now then? whats your sign?

G- Ha! I’m 24 now, and I’m a Capricorn.

S- What’s your definition of beauty- what do you find beautiful?

G-  I don’t really have a definition. Beauty for me is everywhere. We are all unique with experience,
different shapes, sizes, color and passions. I find beauty in everything.

S- Can you tell me about your first kiss? 

G- My first kiss … was with a friend from school it wasn’t special at all  Lol.
But I can tell you about my first memorable kiss. It was during a walk in the park at night with a friend.
I was grabbed by my waist and pulled in for it … it was lovely.
I remember that we both  said “ok were going to kiss now “. It was fun.

S- What  do you look for in a person that might be romantic with you?

G-  I can’t say that I look for something specific because if I did I would never find it.
I just go with the flow and see how it goes. If I feel something special with them then it becomes important to me.

S- like a spark?

G- Yes

S- Is there someone that inspires you? Career wise?
G- Jamie King!  He is one of my big inspirations. I want a career like his.
He literally Inspires me as a dancer, choreographer and director, he’s great.

S- Are you currently working on anything new? Any tours that we should be looking forward to seeing you in, videos?

G- For now I’m just chilling … No projects just enjoying being back in LA. But I would love to work with Britney or Gaga while I’m here.

S-What’s your most memorable dance moment ?

G- While I was on tour with Taylor Swift …It was the best time of my life … such a dream job.
So many memories, beautiful memories. Dancing during Shake it off, shaking and having so much fun.

S- What are the usual first impressions you think people have of you just from IG?…
Versus when they actually meet you in real life.

G- Good question…I’m not sure. But lots of people say I’m really sweet when they actually meet me, lol.

S-What song or album are you listening to on heavy rotation this summer?

G- I’m listening to Lorde’s new album a lot and that track by Camilla Cabello “Crying in the club” .
I performed with her on the billboard show. I love dancing to music that I actually like.

S- What do you want to do after dance in the future ?

G- I want to be a director. Directing tv shows or performance tours. A Dance director…

S- Finish this sentence: I am a _______ beau.

G- I am a beauty beau lol

Photography by Luis Lucas @lulutime

February 15, 2020 — Sky Vargas